APRIL 4th, 2019

Marsha helped us sell our house in the country in 2018 when the market was really starting to see things change.
Her expertise in reading the market and advising us on price and preparation was invaluable.
She worked tirelessly to ensure our house had good exposure.  The video and staging made us fall in love with our house all over again.
In completely following her guidance and direction, we sold the house within a week with multiple offers in a market where that was just not seen at the time.
Working with Marsha was one of the best house sale experiences we have ever had.

Laura Kolouch and Louise Gauthier

Marsha was there every step of the way from the first question asked to the end result of purchase.

Debbie Lamirante

I couldn't be happier.  I know for sure that you are a great realtor and feel very blessed that I could have you help me pick out my first house.  I am 100% satisfied and will refer to anyone that I know is looking for a realtor.  I will also be using you for when I sell my house am looking for my next house.
You totally went above and beyond what I would think a realtor should do for a client.  Giving me recommendations for inspection agencies and also lawyers in the area, being a first time home buyer, these things are very hard to find because I had no prior experience with any of them.  Even something as simply and replying to any messages immediately, even if you didn't have the answer for me then, you assured me that you would get it to me as soon as possible.  Even just yesterday getting back to me about a great place that you had found for flooring.  Also when I kept changing my mind between what kind of house I wanted, you were always open to showing me different houses in different areas and also gave recommendations for houses that might kindle my interest.  Helping me walk through the houses and keep a keen eye for certain things that could be a problem already or something that could be a problem in the future.  Even after the transaction is done, you were still there for any questions that I had/have and are still there.  Absolutely phenomenal job Marsha

Chris Coulter

Responsive, current, energetic, positive, listened/remembered

Marlene Davidson

Many thanks are extended to a very professional and tenancious realtor and friend. Your guidance and knowledge throughout this process was both immeasurable and calming.  It was truly a pleasure to be working with you!

Guye and Marcia Breedon

We want to send a big thank you to Marsha Harrison-Mateer for all your hard work and making this whole experience such a positive one! anyone need a real estate agent...we highly recommend this wonderful lady for the job!

Brian and Kristine Taylor

Marsha has a real gift and passion for working with her clients, finding the best fit for homes and buyers, and helping to make both purchase and sale transitions easy and as stress free as possible. I highly recommend her for anyone wishing to have a 'conscious' home purchase or sale experience.

Rev. Christine Jefferson

Marsha Harrison-Mateer has a really long name because she does so much for her clients...or at least that is what she told me when we first started working together. I had a difficult situation in 2010 when Marsha jumped in with energy, confidence and professionalism. Within a relatively few months we rented apartments, test the market...accomplishing what I had set out to do...and sold the building. I have worked with a number of agents in the past but none as dedicated. She is willing to go beyond the call of duty in a variety of ways..oftenin tough situations, available when needed and most importantly, able to listen to my requirements and respond effectively as directed with with character knowledge and expertise. What started as a business relationship has evolved into a friendship. When it comes to Real Estate it is my pleasure to recommend Marsha.

Steve Behal

I am writing today to tell you about our experience dealing with one of your brokers. We hired Marsha Harison-Mateer to sell our home and to assist us i finding a new one becasueofher telephone manner (one day when I inquired only to ask about a property I found in the newspaper) was so pleasant and she seemed extremely informative.

When listing our home we were totally out of our price range because we believed an investor was interested in our property. Marsha listed it anyway at that price explaining to us that we should not remain there for long because we would miss the market. We were already late for the spring market and within weeks we reduced the price to where we should have been in the beginning. She marketed our home with confidence. She suggested things in a wonderful way and assisted us in nderstandig the buyer's perspective. This was always done with great kindness, patience and understanding.

We consider ourselves difficult clients, we had bought and sold many homes previously, but this time around was extremely difficult because we did not want to move and the next hom we were purchasing was going to be our last, so it had to be perfect. THis leads me to my next observation. Purchasing again I made difficult. Marsha showed me homes from Markham to Keswick. Yes a very large range. SHe never complained once, nothing too much or unreasonable for this woman. She very gently steered me to waht was important and what was reasonable in my price range.

Now the bottom line. I sold my house for a good price and Marsha found me a home with 21 of the 28 things I had on our list. 5 things I can add and 2 I really don't need. Pretty great I say!!!!!

Her diplomatic, generous, sweet, kind nature made our whole process of dealing with Royal Lepage avery enjoyable and well worth adventure. I believe you should be very pleased to have her as part of your team. Sh is a terrific asset. I will and have recommended her to many!

I cannot emphasize enough how very pleased we are now that we have had time to reflect on the whole process and realize that real estate brokers do not have to be so pushy, forward and loud to attain excellence. The process is so emotional and stressful and having someone who truly understands this and shows it in everyway by smiling and being so helpful and caring is wonderful and refreshing. Thank you for employing such an incredble individual within your company!!

Angelo Crisci, Sandra Tremblett, Vanessa, Britini Crisci

We really enjoyed the positive energy and approach that Marsha took with the selling and purchasing of our homes. Marsha's integrity and intuition made the process of selling our first home a joyful experience; even with two toddlers. We always felt that our best interests were at the forefront in every undertaking, and her council resulted in multiple offers. Guided by Marsha's expertise and professionalism, we always knew what to expect and her helpful suggestions made all the difference!

Crystal and Marc Bonnici

I wanted to buy a place to live that was affordable and could be liveable and comfortable to my taste. Once Marsha met me she knew exactly what I wanted. She caled to say I think I have the house you are looking for. I only had to look at it once and I knew it was for me. Everything went well as planned, easy, peaceful and no problems. Marsha's pleasant manner and assertiveness was very helpful and refreshing. I would recommend Marsha Harrison-Mateer to anyone I know.

Marilyn E. Smith

This is the second time I have bought a home through Marsha. She is very personable, professional, attentive and responsive. She handled my unique situation with courtesy and care which was very much need and appreciated.

Keith Shier

Marsha was extremely courteous, thoughtful and helpful. She had wonderful ideas and amazing patience. She is a very good person. Thank you Marsha.

Marilyn and Howard Longfield

Marsha was honest and trustworthy throughout the experience.

Colin and Cindy O'Brien